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26 December 2014 @ 03:29 am

... although it's been (OMG!) 18 months since I last haunted this place.

I'm still alive (duh) on the 10th (yes 10th!!) anniversary of my first QaFdom post and also my first B/J (G/R) post and I'm also celebrating the end of 6 years in remission from what was deemed to be incurable/terminal cancer.   Side effects of treatment still live with me but it's better than not living at all.

I'll always be thankful for the amazing support I received from LJers in the fundom's hey-day ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (to infinity and beyond)

Here's a Christmas card Brian left for Justin in their NY loft and I wish you all naughty holidays :p
card naughty first day of xmas
PS It's rather ironic that my latter fandom work has been wiped out by the demise of an adult-content hosting site for which I paid "life" membership (alas, it would take hundreds of elves to revive).  But if anyone who mailed me something during my hard encounters with the Big C  would like a little PG-rated piece of teary-B/J nostalgia mailed back, just PM me because no doubt some addresses have changed over the years.  G'night for now :)

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Ahhh, the nostalgia of being pregnant with aliens seeing dorky!Gale at the RisenShine Con (ok, I'm late to the party and I'll cry if I want to) and remembering the good qaf ol' days.
Does this remind anyone of something which happened back in '05?

Now let's see how Gale's changed in ten years or not . . . .Collapse )

And knowing that xxxtra speshul relationship between Gale and Randy still exists fills my head with rainbows and unicorns a cartoon cat and mouse.  So apparently Gale said that Randy always wanted to do a minimalist 60's version of Tom and Jerry and because I have speshul visions of the future, I can give you a preview that may ruin childhoodsCollapse )

Finally, in response to gale-looks-old-and-ugly-without-our-rainbow-colored-glasses fans, I'd like to show how lickable Gale still is (compared to 99% of actors his age and almost a decade after qaf's ugly-in-many-senses-of-the-word end) even with those nerdy hipster glasses . . . .Collapse )

So that Brian Gale will always be young and beautiful in comparison, I'll also update you on my ugly little alien appendix since I still don"t have the energy to do another post.Collapse )

I hope everyone else is expecting greater joys. And speshul thanks to Rise'nShine reporters for giving them as far as the LJ QaFdom (and my pathetic ass abs)'s concerned :x

PS When/who came up with the lame episode titles for QaF on Wiki?

PPS Why do tumblr fans refer to B/J as Britin? *blrrgh*

PPPS What does it mean when I find the site hosting my qaf "adult content" has been terminated but I paid for life membership?
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I was midway through a bucket list trip and little did I expect something new trying to kick me into the bucket. I was meant to spend a short 2 days in London town and most of my sightseeing has been of two hospitals and a cemetary. At least I got to see the 20th anniversary revival of the play Beautiful Thing before the pain became unbearable and I woke up one morning looking like a chipmonk with swollen lower cheeks (that symptom is still a mystery).

But with my weird pattern of unluck and luck, it looks as if antibiotics are working and I may only get to extend my "holiday/vacay" by a few days here while my eastern Europe tour is now officially deleted.

Internet / wifi access has been non existent or painfully slooooowwww (like me the past couple of days) during my journey (via South Africa which was ah-maazing). Right now I have no wifi so am typing on screen hovering above my bed Matrix style at Chelsea and Westminster, where I'm receiving excellent care and service (after watching Sky news horror stories about England's NHS and wait times in A & E). Since I was due to fly to Frankfurt today, my hotel managed to pack my bags (which was challenge for just me!) and taxi them over here, along with a bunch of yellow roses (by the way, Hotel Indigo in Earl's Court is abslutely gorgeous for the price and I cant's recommend it enough). So even though I have no mum to call anymore, I'm feeling pretty ok. But that could just be the Tramadol speaking.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I have the past 5 days, since I'm generally about drama these days especially while travelling.
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02 January 2013 @ 12:41 am

And thank you ayesakarasleepwalkerfish and buzziecat for my virtual gifts xxx

To celebrate the *ahem* coming of a new year, I had a gay-themed youtubeathon and discovered movies and short films I hadn't seen, like The War Boys (with two hot scenes to almost rival QaF's) and Oranges (a bittersweet Aussie coming-of-gay-age short film - although the comments are lulzy with regard to not knowing/understanding the Aussie accents),
Here"s a NY card of the defined conventional kindCollapse )
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26 December 2012 @ 01:16 am

I've been away so long that you think you know how LJ works but you don't know, you know?

But here goes for the half dozen who may still be around.
Life (and death) updateCollapse )
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25 April 2011 @ 03:34 am
Remember when both Gale and Randy played in charity soccer match all those years ago?

Well, it was a nice surprise to see Gale moving that ass again. Although, disappointingly, not in this way.

Let"s go to the videotape and watch that butt and those thighs in action!Collapse )

So would you believe Brian Gale captivated a young, blond male in a tux at the prom dance Elton's Oscar Bash? 

Oh wait, here's a photo.
Gotta love Gale being the black sheep in a sea pasture of white dress-shirts and black bow-ties :)

...Gale"s black shirt does remind me of the prom *sigh*Collapse )

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Which theory explains Gale's most recent behavior best?

He's high
He's suddenly had Total Recall that he's not a shy scruffy actor but a super sekrit agent
He's Randy's sockpuppet
He's escaped from Wall-E's Repair Ward for Malfunctioning Robots
He's been sent from the future to save Sarah Connor and has spotted the Terminator coming through the door
A fan's snuck up from behind and grabbed his buns
He's sober
 But before you put your tinfoil hat on, let's have a look at some evidence first.

It looks like Elton John"s Oscar BashCollapse )
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27 February 2011 @ 12:36 am
If you look up non-defined, non-conventional in the dickshonary, you'll find me two guys named Galeface and Randypants. 

They're like two peculiar peas in an artsy fartsy pod 0_o

Yes, that's right, Gale and Randy are masked to protect their self-respect sekrit identities.  Oh wait :p

If you would like more conventional details, I'll hand you over to my non-defined LJ partner reeface to explain exclaim and my non-defined actor to confuse.

However, I may have to disagree with her Justified!Gale comparison. There's a comparison much more non-conventional than that.

Ok, put on your aviators to shield your eyesCollapse )
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20 February 2011 @ 10:42 pm
Maybe you better check whether there's been an invasion of body snatchers (or check the setting on your spam folder but I came....to annoy people again :))

Hey look, is that a pen behind Gale"s ear to sign autographs for fans now? O_OCollapse )
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18 February 2011 @ 11:47 pm
Ok, I realise my last two posts may have not exactly instilled confidence in the above statement.

But I thought I heard screaming (and not in a positive, life-affirming way) from my2cats and other fans after seeing a very gag-inducing grainy and blurry quality twitpic of what appeared to be Gale kissing someone on the film set of Hellkitties.   Oh oopsie, possible spoilers :b

Now it's a good thing that I have superskillz which rival Marti Perfect state-of-the-art photo enhancement software.

There, there, I"ll kiss it better for you...Collapse )
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.   Don't worry, I'm not running a class on illiteration.

Plus the obligatory:


But wait there's more!

Liquids pouring down toward a naked torso!
Tongue kissing!
Nekkid firemen playing with balls!  Sadly, Gale wasn't in these scenes :b

I was worried that the only way Gale would get more than a minute of screentime on this show was if his character changed professions to this one - warning: NSFWellbeingCollapse )

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15 February 2011 @ 01:23 am
Roses are red
Teary is twisted
Fandom, bend over
and prepare to be
----sorry, my mind keeps drawing blanks these days *hee*

Sometimes I wish I was joking because I know I have to return love to people but I then forget *ties strings to fingers*

Where was I? Oh, something about a day for single peeps to feel miserable. Well, even though my memory's fucked I still have a speshul gift ... to look into the future (short as it may possibly be) for QaFdom.

I had a dream where I walked into a hotel (somewhere in Bumfuck, Georgia I think--anyone familiar with it?) and there was a crowd, ok it was one person behind a reception desk, under a banner which looked like this: *tries to remember how to insert something starting with 'p'*

I look at the program and realize that there's only 5 minutes left until the convention closes!

*Slinks into the Babylon Conference Room*Collapse )
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03 February 2011 @ 12:31 am
Drawn like a bee to Gale's honeysuckle ass-- sorry, accent (although it sounds more like he sucked on too many cocks razorblades at the very start O_o).

Ok, for not-enough-money-in-the-world, What is honeysuckle?Collapse )
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25 December 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Thank you everyone for your holiday wishes and/or not getting sick of me.

But I must be getting sentimental in my old age because I have something for the conventionally inclined.

Ok, maybe not completely *ev0l grin*Collapse )
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